Thursday, February 4, 2016

It was a sight to see.  A city of lights and movement and incredible life.  Sometimes I forget just how amazing it can be, but I am always impressed at the overwhelming life that exists in one place.

That's why I became a knight, you see.  I love the idea of a city.  People flourish.  People unite to a purpose, and that is, well, to make money and live a little.  Which is why, irritated as I am, to find that "living a little" involves a small urchin running past me and stealing what little gold I had in my...

Look, I'm a kind guy, but I swear on everything that is unholy, I will eviscerate that kid.

Only one thing stopped me.

"Oho," said a man, "another one, eh?  No worries, no worries, Uncle will take care of you."

"Really?" I replied.  "That was a lot of money.  You know what?  Never mind that.  Just let me get back to my queen."

"Ah, I feel that you are forgetting something.  There is a reason Uncle found you there, buried in the sand.  You think the queen still wants you there?"

Suddenly he sounded different.

"Listen, boy, you're in trouble and you'd better stick with me until we get this figured out. Your princess?  Heh...there's something you may need to know about her...."

"Now, what did you say your name was again?"

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